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Regarding opinion articles or letters to the Editor:

Your letter will provide a forum for public comment or debate in our forums and is meant to express your opinion or point of view. Letters to the editor will only be published if you provide the information requested in the guidelines, regardless of how your letter appears in the Rowan Free Press.  Please remember the following guidelines:

Include contact information: Include your full name, city, state, phone # (We will call you to verify your identity).  We only publish anonymous letters if the writer’s employment or well-being will be jeopardized otherwise.

Be clear: Make one main point.

Be concise: 1- 3 paragraphs, 3-8 sentences are recommended.

Be accurate: Letters that are factually inaccurate are not printed.

Be interesting: Get your reader’s attention and keep it to the end of your letter. Open with an interesting fact or strong statement and keep your points as interesting as possible.

Avoid personal attacks: Show respect for the opposite opinion. Being rude may cause people to disagree with you on principle.

Proofread: Check for grammar and spelling mistakes. Avoid vague statements.

Don’t worry if your letter is not printed: Even if it is well-written, it might not be printed if it addresses the same issue as letters already printed, if it is not in standard English or voices abuse, vulgarity, or facts that cannot be verified.

In your email, use the following format:

To the Editor:

Re: (State your topic as you would like it to appear in the headline.)

1-3 paragraphs

Your full name
City, State
Your Phone # (We will not publish your phone number.)

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