Salisbury Square Antiques and Collectibles, a Downtown Junktique and Retro Clutter Store, Closed Its Doors Saturday

Posted on July 1, 2018

RFP Staff

♦ Last week we learned that Salisbury Square Antiques and Collectibles, at 111 S. Main, a junktique and retro clutter store, closed its doors for the final time Saturday June 30th.  The two fellows who ran the shop are going to retire.  The building and business was sold to Harrison Smith an antique collector from Salisbury.

Seriously, the staff of the Rowan Free Press would never buy an antique or a collectable unless it was a submachine employed in Chicago’s Saint Valentine’s Day Massacre.

Downtown Salisbury is at its lowest ebb with a multitude of vacant storefronts with brown paper in the window and for sale signs coupled with statements like: “Wouldn’t this make terrific Hookah N’ Bong Shop?” or “This is a dream spot for a psychic tea leaf reader!”  Blight is epic in the South Main Badlands.  The area has become a popular Salisbury tourist destination during daylight hours.

There are numerous reasons why retailers and eateries give up the ghost Downtown after short runs. Here are several:

Not much traffic in the Downtown Area and even less buyers.

Few people want to pay list price for retail when most retail is done on the internet and chain stores do better pricing.

Downtown Salisbury is rightfully viewed as dangerous as people have been shot and murdered Downtown. The Murder at the Mural and over at the Firewater (It closed) come to mind.

Salisbury has approximately 25% of its folks living below the poverty line and has little spendable income.

Minority business owners appear poorly represented among Downtown business owners.

Extremely high overhead due to Municipal Services District Tax which supports the Empire Hotel, a decrepit former flophouse not opened to the public since 1963.

Downtown has a blighted look with many vacant storefronts with brown paper in their windows.

Triple net leases where inexperienced retailers and restaurant owners get suckered into paying for repairs and renovations. This can be a bomb to a struggling retailer or restaurant’s overhead.

The lack of serious retail draws.

Shoplifting, bad checks, and counterfeit drive up the overhead. Lest we forget burglaries and break-ins.

Aggressive panhandlers drive off customers.

A lack of business acumen and a well-formed business plans. Failure to connect with the SBA is a death knell for those following their dreams.

Car break-ins in dangerous parking lots and poor on the street parking opportunities.

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