Rowan-Salisbury School System’s Desperation Gamble on Becoming a Renewal School System. Renewal Schools History in New Jack City

Posted on June 29, 2018

RFP Staff

♦ Before we begin the Rowan-Salisbury Schools latest desperation gamble of becoming a “Renewal School System” we want to let parents know they have excellent learning options available not only at the State’s wonderful virtual school “North Carolina Connections Academy”, several private schools in Rowan County, and excellent fully accredited public schools in Cabarrus County.  And there is always home schooling.  In the coming days we’ll list schools available elsewhere and time-tested strategies for getting your youngster enrolled in them.

We certainly would not recommend any existing public school in crime and poverty ridden Salisbury although they offer great lessons in survival and street smarts.  We also should remind parents that renewal schools are definitely not charter schools even though the Rowan-Salisbury School System attempts to palm renewal schools off as such.

Thursday the Rowan Salisbury Board of Education unanimously approved making an application to the State Board of Education for RSSS to become the first Renewal School System in NC.  This might be right up there with Fibrant’s “Ten Gig Ruse” another escape hatch to an alternative reality when the current reality truly stinks.

Dr. Lynn Moody claims the Rowan-Salisbury Schools will have the flexibility in curriculum, finances, personnel, calendar, hours in class, and other areas.  All 35 schools would have fewer state regulations.  (This is not a good thing and neither would their teachers being able to lead, design, and create how instruction is offered to students.  Do we trust teachers with minimal teaching experience who may not have certifications?  Do we embrace the idea that our children may be exempt from standardized testing?  With no accountability we don’t know which way the ship is going.

Here’s another sure fire winner: the school system would get their state funding in one lump sum, instead of multiple restricted funds, permitting the school system to use the money in the way that we need to support our students.  Yeah sure. That money can be slushed over to more new construction and guess who profits from that?  Or more easily embezzled.

The Rowan Salisbury School System still has to present their “Renewal System Plan” to the State Board of Education by July 15th.

Public schools (K-12), inside of Salisbury’s city limits, had substandard grades on the N.C. Department of Education’s Report Card:

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