Rowan County: Stephanie Luann Fisher: a Mugshot Retrospective from 2007 to 2018 // Meth: A Highly Toxic Drug and How to ID a Meth Lab

Posted on June 27, 2018

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♦ According Rowan County Sheriff’s Office sources Stephanie Luann Fisher, 34, of Rowan County was arrested for violating probation on June 22nd. She is currently on hold at the Rowan County Detention Center.

Stephanie Luann Fisher, age 34:

Charges Stephanie Luann Fisher:

Stephanie Luann Fisher, age 23 in 2007:

Stephanie Luann Fisher, age 33 in 2017:

Stephanie Luann Fisher Previous Record:


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♦ Meth is one of the most addictive, most physically damaging, most brain deteriorating, and most personality distorting of all the street drugs. It is an incredibly toxic to the body if snorted or injected. When street gangs and criminals start abusing meth, crime ramps up. Senseless killings, careless robberies and break-ins multiply in urban areas. Gang members, under meth’s influence, are more volatile reacting to misperceived slights. Armed robbers on meth may lack any caution when holding up a convenience store and without provocation may shoot a clerk and customers on the way out. Meth induced long periods without sleep lead to paranoia and psychosis.

Meth labs are dangerous. They can explode and cause fires. Their fumes and residues are toxic. Anywhere a meth lab operated has to be abated.

You do not want meth labs operating in your community. You need them shut down immediately. You can anonymously “drop the dime” on them. This article will provide some telephone numbers.

The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration offers these tips on how to spot a meth lab and what you can do if you find one.

Meth lab indicators:

The usual giveaway is a fire or explosion caused by the manufacturing process. The U.S. Department of Justice estimates that about 15 percent of meth labs are found this way.

• Strong, unusual odors similar to rotten eggs, cat urine, nail polish remover or ammonia.

• Unusually large amounts of cold medicine that lists ephedrine or pseudoephedrine as ingredients.

• Unusually large number of jars containing clear liquid with a white or red colored solid on the bottom, iodine, red phosphorus, fine red or purple powder, or dark shiny metallic purple crystals.

• Coffee filters containing a white pasty substance, a dark red sludge, or small amounts of shiny white crystals.

• Bottles labeled as containing sulfuric, muriatic or hydrochloric acid, or containers with rubber tubing attached.

• Glass cookware or frying pans with a powdery residue.

• Unusually large amount of camp fuel, paint thinner, acetone, starter fluid, Lye, drain cleaners, or lithium batteries.

• Soft silver or gray metallic ribbon stored in oil or kerosene.

• Propane tanks with fittings that have turned blue.

What to do if you find a meth lab:

• Do not touch anything.

• Do not turn on any electrical power switches or light switches.

• Do not turn off any electrical power switches or light switches.

• Do not eat or drink anything in or around the lab.

• Do not open or move containers.

• Do not smoke in or near the lab.

• Do not sniff anything.

• Decontaminate yourself and your clothing, and wash your hands and face thoroughly.

To inform on a Meth Lab locally call the Salisbury Police at (704)-638-5333, the Rowan County Sheriff’s Office at (704) 216-8700, Salisbury-Rowan Crime Stoppers at 1-866-639-5245.

Dubuque Drug Task Force: How to spot a Meth Lab

If you are trying to determine if someone is manufacturing methamphetamine in your neighborhood there are some indicators that you can look for.

1. Unusual chemical odors (solvents or ammonia) When manufacturing methamphetamine different chemicals are used. Each has a very strong and distinctive odor associated with it.

2. Windows covered or blacked out. Often time’s people who manufacture meth will cover the windows with black cloth or tin foil to prevent anyone from seeing what is happening in the residence.

3. Video surveillance cameras on or around the property or a specific building or garage. Some meth cooks will want to see if anyone is approaching their residence.

4. Unusual amount of visitors. Often persons who are manufacturing meth have someone bringing them supplies to manufacture the meth. They will come at all hours of the day and night and appear as if they do not want to be seen entering the residence.

5. People who manufacture meth will usually be paranoid. They will always be looking up and down the street for police. They will think that all of the neighbors are watching them or working with the police.

6. Meth manufacturing can produce a large amount of trash. The containers that the chemicals and solvents come in have to be disposed of. Meth cooks will often burn the trash associated with cooking meth. Others will haul their trash away and throw it in the ditch or take it directly to the land fill when they have curb side trash service.

Remember that just because there are some indicators does not automatically mean that someone is manufacturing methamphetamine.

This is a list of some of the chemicals and items commonly used in manufacturing methamphetamine. The amount and type of chemical as well as the items associated with meth manufacturing varies from cook to cook depending on what they prefer to use.

Glass Pyrex or Corning dishes Hotplates Salt
Paper towels Measuring cups Trichloroethane-gun scrubber
Thermometer Laboratory beakers/glassware Sodium Metal
Funnels Starter fluid Muriatic Acid
Rubber tubing/gloves Drain opener Pseudoephedrine
Gas cans Camping fuel Cat Litter
Aluminum foil Toluene (brake cleaner) Iodine (Tincture)
2 liter bottles Sulfuric Acid (drain cleaner) Pop Bottles (20 oz)
Cold Packs Jugs/bottles Coffee filters
Cheesecloth Blenders Buckets
Tape/clamps 20lb. Propane cylinders Fire extinguishers
Plastic storage containers Towels/bed sheets Hydrogen Peroxide
Iodized salt Matches (striker plates) Alcohol (Isopropyl)
Ether (engine starter) Red Phosphorus (matches) Lithium (batteries)
MSM (cutting agent) Anhydrous Ammonia Ephedrine
Sodium Hydroxide (lye) Acetone Paper Plates
Coffee Filters Paper Towels Coffee Pots
Turkey Baster Wire Whisks Rubber Spatchulas

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