Salisbury: Occupied House Shot Up Sunday A.M. on W. 11th Street. Payback? Who will be Salisbury’s Murder Victim Number 5? A Child?

Posted on June 25, 2018

RFP Staff

♦ Shootings into occupied houses have stepped up the last 3 weeks in what appears to be a payback war.  Late at night or early in the morning vehicles edge slowly down the street until they have a clear shot at window or an open door.  Then multiple shots ring out.  People get killed during paybacks.  Sometimes it’s a youngster who steps into the line of fire or is just innocently struck by an errant bullet while laying in bed. Have we forgotten about A’Yanna?

According to Salisbury Police sources Claudie Jay Boyd, III, 25, living at 117 W. 11th and EAA Properties (according to the Police Incident Report) were the victims of an “all other shooting into an Occupied property” and “vandalism” sometime around 1 a.m. when an unknown vehicle drew up beside the house and fired multiple shots from a handgun, damaging a window and exterior siding.  No one was injured this time out.  Ammunition was seized. Is there any end in sight?

According to law enforcement sources this shooting may be linked to the recent killing of Mirah Turner in the same vicinity.

The Victim Claudie J. Boyd, III:

SPD Incident Report for an “all other shooting into occupied property” and “vandalism” 117 W. 11th Street:

Manifest of damaged property and seized ammo at 117 W. 11th Street from the SPD Incident Report:

117 W. 11th Street, Salisbury, N.C.:

Location 117 W. 11th Street, Salisbury, N.C.:

Citizens having any knowledge about this crime are urged to call the Salisbury Police at 704-638-5333. If you fear retribution, want to remain anonymous and possibly collect a reward of up to $1,000, information can be submitted 24/7 via the web: or by calling the Salisbury-Rowan Crime Stoppers at 1-866-639-5245.

**This article will be updated as more information arrives.**

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