Home Safety Tips for Going Away for the Weekend or for Your Summer Vacation. Blunders that Could Get Your Salisbury Manse Plundered

Posted on June 21, 2018

RFP Staff

♦ Summer is upon us and burglaries and break-ins in Salisbury will climb from now through October.   Renters and homeowners all over the Bury will pull into their carports after a weekend away or a trip to the shore or mountains and find their front doors busted off their hinges or windows “rocked”.  They can only imagine what awaits them inside.  As they stumble through the clutter on their floors they rue the day they poached a bison in Yellowstone National Park and posted photos of their trophy on social media.  Someone saw it and shared an unprotected address to an aspiring burglar.

Here is a list of time-proven safety tips for protecting your stuff when going away for the weekend or heading out for your summer vacation:

• Never announce your weekend trip away or your summer vacation on social media.  Bag the idea of posting snaps of Arcadia National Park in Maine with a bull moose breaking into a clearing.  It telegraphs you are away.

• By all means secure your doors, basement doors, garage doors, and windows with hardware able to repulse a battering ram.  If you live in Salisbury make sure you have alarms that alert someone in a security office and sound like a ship’s horn that will snap your neighbors to attention.  “Yo somebody is breaking into Tulip Crosby House!  Call 911!”

• In some “chosen” areas of the city it’s possible to call local law enforcement and see if they might stop by your crib to do a property check.  Tell them your hood voted big in the last election and your neighbors all have the same hairdo as Dr. Karen Alexander our former Mayor.

• If you subscribe to a real print newspaper like U.S.A Today or the Charlotte Observer let them know not to deliver it during the time you are scheduled to be away.  Or have a friend or neighbor remove it from your lawn so that it won’t attract any unwanted attention.

• We shouldn’t have to remind you not to leave a housekey in the obvious places like under the welcome mat, beneath the antique milk can, in the mailbox, or by the ceramic jockey in your front flower bed.  Leave the key with a trusted neighbor or friend.

• Do you have a neighborhood watch group, a branch of the Guardian Angels, or a local armed vigilance committee, alert them to keep an eye on your property.

Best of luck and have a great summer.

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