Salisbury: Christopher Casper, Sought for Alleged Sex Offenses and Failing to Register, Reportedly Hangs Himself Near a Church Cemetery

Posted on June 8, 2018

RFP Staff

♦ According to Rowan County Sheriff’s Office sources a registered sex offender, Christopher David Casper, 46, whose last known address was 1174 Balfour Quarry Road in Salisbury, reportedly hung himself in the edge of a wooded area by the cemetery of the historic Organ Lutheran Church (Founded 1794). The church is on 1515 Organ Church Road in Salisbury.  Casper was sought on a number of charges by the Rowan County Sheriff’s office including failing to register an address change.  Back in May Granite Quarry Police detectives were investigating Casper for an alleged sex crime involving a girl.  Granite Quarry Police filed charges this past Monday.

Rowan County Sheriff’s Office investigators traveled Tuesday to Casper’s former address on Balfour Quarry Road.  They were told by a Casper family member that Casper moved out on May 18th.  He informed the family member that he was leaving because law enforcement was after him and he was headed for jail.  He told the woman the home was now hers.

Casper had been a registered sex offender since he was convicted of 2nd degree rape on March 17th, 2000.

More recently Casper was suspected of having a social media page and attending classes next to a daycare center.  Both activities are strictly prohibited for registered sex offenders.

The Late Christopher David Casper:

Christopher David Casper’s Previous Record:

Organ Lutheran Church, 1515 Organ Church Road, Salisbury, NC:

Location Organ Lutheran Church, 1515 Organ Church Road, Salisbury, NC:

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