Salisbury: Jeremy Motley and Trista Donaldson, Alleged Hitchhiking Bandits, Busted Tuesday by Sheriff’s Deputies on Cooper Road

Posted on June 6, 2018

RFP Staff

♦ According to Rowan County Sheriff’s Office sources Jeremy Eugene Motley, 28, a convicted felon, and Trista Fawn Donaldson, 32, both living at 126 Paige Drive in Salisbury, were arrested Tuesday on the 300 block of Cooper Road at 2:22 P.M. for allegedly robbing Steven Wise, 51, in his pick-up truck they commandeered during a hitch-hiking adventure Saturday on the 600 block of Hurley School Road in Salisbury.

According to reports Wise was driving a Chevvy Avalanche pick-up around 2:30 a.m. when he spotted Trista Donaldson walking along the road and called to her, asking her if she needed a ride.  She said yes.  Donaldson hollered to Motely to come out of the woods.  Without warning, Motely opened the passenger side door and jumped into the Avalanche.  He allegedly ripped the keys out of the ignition and began punching Wise in his face.  Dazed by the heavy-fisted blows, Wise staggered out of his pick-up and headed toward the darkness and possible safety of the woods.  When he was well enough away, Wise called 911 Dispatch and described Motley’s bare chested appearance and tats.  Wise told the dispatcher the female hitchhiker called his assailant by the name Jeremy.  In short order the robber was linked with Jeremy Eugene Motley who the Sheriff’s Office picked up earlier that day for being drunk and disruptive.  The hunt was on.

Motley’s alleged take in the robbery was $8 dollars.

On Tuesday afternoon the Rowan County Sheriff’s Office closed the show, arresting both Motley and Donaldson on the 300 block of Cooper Road.

Jeremy Eugene Motley:

Charges Jeremy Eugene Motley:

Jeremy Eugene Motley’s Previous Record:

Trista Fawn Donaldson:

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RCSO Incident Report for the Strong Arm Robbery of Steven Wise:

Manifest of Stolen Property for Steven Wise on the 600 block of Hurley School Road:

The 300 Block of Cooper Road, Salisbury, NC:

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