Salisbury: Does Anyone Believe that Fision AKA Hotwire Can Show a Profit in Salisbury’s Saturated Field of Private Broadband Providers?

Posted on May 26, 2018

RFP Staff

Does Anyone Seriously Believe that Fision AKA Hotwire Communications Can Show a Profit in Salisbury’s Super Saturated Field of Private Broadband Providers?

Ponder it for a few moments.  Can anyone seriously believe Fision, a virtual no name in Salisbury, N.C., is going head to head with Super Giant Spectrum, the 2nd largest Internet provider in the United States who lowballs and out markets their completion all over the United States.  Surely you’ve seen ads everywhere on Facebook, Newspapers, on TV, mailers–you name it.  Not to mention Spectrum’s highly regarded internet.  Fision who?  Alone Spectrum will crush Fision.

But other overwhelming factors insure Fision will never dream of making a profit in a city, where 25% of it’s population falls below the poverty line and lacks spendable income. Most can’t afford Fision.

Keep in mind Fision can’t compete with giants DISH-TV, AT&T, and DirecTV nor can they stand toe to toe with internet over smartphones.  Where’s this profit going to arrive from?  Certainly not from TV where now over 60% or more of folks are getting their TV FREE from DTV over Omni-directional DTV antennas, rabbit ears, and IPTV enabled devices like ROKU.

Should we even mention cheapo TV nearly ala carte from streaming services over ROKU, Fire TV, Apple TV, and Chromecast?

And most people use their smartphones to communicate or employ very inexpensive super performing VOIP phones such as MagicJackGo (The nations leading VOIP phone provider), Ooma, Google Voice (FREE) and Walmart’s Basic Talk.

Is there a dead rat laying bloated in the road now?

Spectrum Residential and Business Internet and TV:


AT&T and DirecTV:

Cord Cutting with DTV Antennas, Internet Enabled Devices that Stream HD TV Such as ROKU, Fire TV, Apple TV, and Chromecast:

Rating the Best Performers in Low Cost-No Cost VOIP Phones: MagicJackGo, Google Voice, Ooma, and Walmart Basic Talk:

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