Salisbury: Ashley Sanders and Brock Rowe Busted May 16th Allegedly with Significant Amounts Meth and Coke on Fraley Street

Posted on May 24, 2018

RFP Staff

♦ According to Rowan County Sheriff’s Office sources Ashley Dawn Sanders, 25, of Lexington, N.C. and Brock Michael Rowe, 41 of Lexington, N.C. were stopped by Rowan County Sheriff’s deputies assisted by agents of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security on the 1100 block of Fraley Street in Salisbury.  Driving the pair was Jonathan Mark Patton, 30, of Salisbury. A search of the vehicle and the persons of Sanders and Rowe allegedly turned up $10,000 in illegal drugs.  Law enforcement had probable cause to suspect the three occupants of the Honda CR-V  were in transit from Georgia to allegedly traffic methamphetamine.

Found in the Honda was an open container of alcohol and allegedly a baggie containing approximately a half ounce of cocaine dropped out of Rowe’s pants.

A search of Sanders’s pocketbook came up with 280 grams of meth and two plastic baggies containing 60 grams of pot.

No drugs were associated with Patton who received a citation for driving with a revoked license and a failure to use a turn signal.

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