Salisbury: Firewater Lounge and Restaurant, a Popular Drinking and Eating Establishment and the Scene of a Murder, Closes without Fanfare

Posted on May 23, 2018

RFP Staff

♦ We learned that the Firewater Restaurant and Lounge on 122 Avalon Drive, an extremely popular drinking and eating establishment and sadly through no fault of their own was the scene of a murder, shootings, and knife fights, quietly closed its doors a few weeks ago.  We knew the Firewater had a marked shelf life after we learned that high-ranking Salisbury Police visited a noted Black activist and asked what should be done with the Firewater.  When such meetings occur they generally mark a future pulling of licenses.  This happened previously at the La Bamba Club another spot troubled with mayhem.

The Rowan Free Press questions why Black establishments get closed and a White Downtown drinking and eating establishment where a double homicide occurred, a shooting happened in its alleyway, and several fights occurred remains open.  There has not been to our knowledge any talk of closing down this troubled venue.  Many wonder in our community if this is equal justice?  We repeat in most cases trouble visits our city’s eating and drinking establishments through no fault of their management who provide security and stop serving people when they verge on intoxication. The city has its share of lawless folks with hair-trigger tempers.  When one place closes, the city’s problem folks will drift elsewhere.

The Firewater’s spot will sometime in the near future become the home of a 2nd Domino’s Pizza owned by businessman, aviator, and one-man economic development taskforce Osman Qasim who owns 51 Dominoes Pizzaria’s. This businessman knows how to make dough. 

According to our editor Domino’s Pizza is his favorite chain-store Pizza since they changed the recipe of their crust sometime within the last decade.

Best of luck to the owners of the Firewater.  We hope you land on your feet elsewhere and prosper.

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