Updated! Photo Gallery: Salisbury Cheerwine Festival 2018: Early Rain, Low Turnout, and a Hot and Muggy Day

Posted on May 19, 2018

RFP Staff

♦ Early rains and the threat of thunderstorms no doubt impacted on Cheerwine Festival 2018’s very low turnout on a very hot and muggy Saturday. Not a whole lot going on. Some people danced by the Hotwire Soundstage to a group identified as “Casette Rewind”. That and two women got into a slugfest over by Fuller’s Market were the day’s highlights.

It was 5:15 p.m. when we left to go to dinner and returned around 7 p.m. when there were more people. Maybe about 1,800 or so. Definitely nowhere near as many the previous year’s. Someone said the city claimed 30,000. That didn’t happen. Just like they claimed large numbers for “Slide the City I” which was a complete failure. If it was so well attended and wildly popular, why did Slide the City pull the plug on the Second Edition? Keep in mind Salisbury is the “City of Make Believe”.

Here are photographs folks shared with us since early morning. We may add others later. We thank everyone who sent photos.

Photo Gallery of Cheerwine Festival 2018:

A row of Porta Pottys by on a closed street:

Dancers by the Hotwire Soundstage:

“Casette Rewind” on the Hotwire Soundstage:

Finding cover from the morning rain:

Doppler Radar shows rain activity surrounding Salisbury:


Threatening Skies:

Funnell Cake Truck:

By the Hotwire Soundstage later in the day when more people came out:

Drone Photos of the Cheerwine Festival later in the day:

Climbing Rock:

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