Spectrum Residential Packs a 200 Mbps Internet Wallop for $29. The Second Largest Internet Provider in the U.S. Doesn’t Lose Markets

Posted on May 11, 2018

RFP Staff

♦ By far the leading internet provider in Rowan County and in Salisbury is Spectrum. It’s speed, bandwidth, and extremely competitive prices decimate pretenders like the late Fibrant who made wild claims about turning the corner and making a small profit when they were losing $3 Million a year, never sold or had 10 gigabit internet capability, and more recently it was revealed they had no internet redundancy (back-up). These kinds ruses are typical of the City of Salisbury government who makes wild claims about cutting violent crime and burglaries and about their “vibrant” Downtown area. No wonder folks call Salisbury “The City of Make believe” or “The City of Smoke and Mirrors.”

Hotwire Communications will be a walk in the park for the internet mega-giant Spectrum. At least the Fibrant name will disappear. Seriously does anyone out there see Hotwire Communications making any profit whatsoever in a saturated field that includes not only Spectrum, but AT&T, DISH TV (an outstanding TV provider), DirecTV, and the fact that now almost 60% of TV watchers have cut the cord and use Omni-directional antennas, rabbit ears, internet enabled devices like ROKU, Fire TV, Chromecast, and Apple TV to do their viewing. How many folks use only their smartphones to get on the internet? And within the next 2 years 5 Gig Wireless Home Internet will show up. Wireline internet may be a vanishing breed. Telephones? Many people use their smartphones or VOIP phones over the internet where super cheap MagicJack Go is the national leader. Does anyone believe Hotwire can make a profit in this crowded field? Not happening. Spectrum is already tearing out Fibrant’s lungs and stomach and dropping it on a hotplate.

Spectrum 200 Mbps Screen Shot from a Friend:

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JD Power U.S. Residential Internet and Television Service Provider Satisfaction Study for the South Region of the U.S.


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