Salisbury: “Vote for the Hotwire Lease” BBQ at the Bell Tower Should Be Lauded for Providing a Free Spread for Downtown’s Homeless

Posted on May 5, 2018

RFP Staff

♦ In what appears as the final taps for the Fibrant Debacle, Saturday nights “Vote for the Hotwire Lease” BBQ at the Bell Tower Park in Downtown Salisbury appeared poorly attended by potential voters.  However, on an upbeat note it managed to provide a lot of free BBQ, hotdogs, hamburgers, and Cheerwine to the area’s homeless.  Word traveled quickly that there was quite a “spread” and it was free for the taking at the Bell Tower Park.  Word reached Rowan Helping Ministries, the fountain at needle park, tarp cities near creeks and the city’s wilderness areas, and beneath I-85 bridges where men camped beneath the thump, thump of vehicles passing overhead.

From East Innes Street to South Main Street the word BBQ resounded.  Soon folks with no access to any kind of internet unless it was at the Library on Fisher Street would learn all about Hotwire Communications between mouthfuls of burger and BBQ. Jonathan Bullock from Hotwire was there along with Judy Klusman, Pat Ricks, and David Post to answer any conceivable question about the Hotwire Lease.  But this crowd seemed bent on asking for seconds and “where’s the ketchup?”  Rome was not built in a day.

A giant shadow loomed over the Hotwire Lease BBQ from 3 p.m. till it ended around 8 p.m.  It was Spectrum and they are wolfing down Fibrant’s children at $29.99 a pop.  Last night a giant Spectrum truck was licking it’s teeth over by Fisher and Jackson.  Does anyone think that Hotwire Communications can compete with Spectrum? (the second largest internet provider in the U.S.) With Dish TV? MagicJack Go?, internet over IPhones and similar devices?  The coming 5G Wireless Home Internet?  What’s left for Hotwire when Fibrant’s bones are being picked clean by a monster with redundancy?

Photo Gallery from the Vote the Hotwire Lease BBQ:

Judy Klusman (L), David Post (C), and Patricia Ricks (R):

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