Letter-to-the-Editor: Will Failed Salisbury Continue to Drag Down Rowan County? Some Basic Facts

Posted on May 2, 2018

Joe Coladarci, Salisbury Ex-Patriate

Will Failed Salisbury Continue to Drag Down Rowan County?  Some Basic Facts:

1. Downtown Salisbury has a 40% vacancy rate for non government commercial space. That makes the commercial real estate close to worthless.

2. The Salisbury Police Department is understaffed and unable to retain trained officers, forcing the County Sheriff to augment the protection of those in the City. County folks are bailing out the mismanaged City with County tax dollars.

3. The Salisbury has siphoned millions of dollars from the Salisbury-Rowan Utilities (The city’s water and sewer utility or as it’s “cash cow”.) This is done to shore up the shortfalls in the City’s mismanaged budget. Please think, the other areas serviced by Salisbury-Rowan Utilities (SRU) have little or no say about the rates or how the money is spent. Maintenance and improvement money is being siphoned off to shore up Failed City projects like Fibrant

4. A few years back the County Commissioners waved the dumping fees so the City could clean up the remains of a burned out mill near the Downtown area. The City was to pay the FEE at a later date.  To date the fees have not been paid.

5. We all remember the City annexing the County Airport to grab Tax dollars. The County Commissioners of the time were Salisbury insiders and allowed this to happen. That tax grab slowed the growth of our County Airport and shortchanged the county tax rolls by 100’s of thousands of dollars, while fueling the uncontrolled appetite  of a Salisbury’s City Counsel. It was men like Carl Ford, Jim Sides and Craig Pierce who wrestled back the Airport. And now it is thriving and a true asset to the County.

Money is fungible (essentially goods or products that can be exchanged for each other.  Example: Apple IPads for textbooks or for money budgeted for textbooks). The people that write these budgets have ways of moving money from one account to another. It creates the illusion they are not spending any taxpayer money.

There are countless ways that the City of Salisbury is feeding off the County Tax Payers and as long as Klusman, Edds, and Greene control of the County Commission, the City of Salisbury will feed on the rest of the County.

Please get out and vote in this very important primary. Jim Sides, Craig Pierce, and Mike Julian will work for all 135,000 of our County Residents not just a few special interests living in Salisbury.

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