Letter-to-the-Editor: The Salisbury Syndicate (Cabal) and Their Political Advertisements

Posted on April 29, 2018

Joe Coladarci, Salisbury Ex-Patriate

♦ Four years ago I was one of 9 running in the Republican primary. It was a very interesting experience as I was attacked by people I never met. The local print newspaper allowed anonymous posts that called me a homophobe and a raciest. These false attacks were nothing compared to the viscous attacks launched by the Salisbury Syndicate (Cabal) on my running mate Jim Sides. The Salisbury Syndicate spent over $40,000 in advertising to defeat Jim Sides in the primary. The money was spent to defame Jim was probably 10 times more than what Jim spent on his own campaign.

Fast forward to 2018 and Jim is running to help Rowan County again. The same Salisbury Syndicate (Cabal) has raised its ugly head to distort and destroy a good man’s reputation again. Radio ads, direct hack mail pieces, and print ads against a very good and capable man and also Craig Pierce and Mike Julian both exceptional men.

Question: why would the Salisbury Syndicate (Cabal) spend 10’s of thousands of dollars to defeat essentially one man?

The present incumbents Greg Edds, Judy Klusman, and Jim Greene (KEG) have done nothing–zero to help the County, they have squandered the West End Plaza to assist the Salisbury Syndicate (Cabal). The KEG has promoted the Thread Trail and gave up control of our county to an unelected group that wanted to seize land from its rightful owners.

Greg Edds is famous for saying “You gotta to Fake it till you Make It.”  The insurance agent has been faking it for the last 4 years and he has to go. The other two are rubber stamps for the Edds the Salisbury Syndicate’s lap dog who wanted to build a hotel in the West End Plaza parking lot.  Seriously!

Why would a group of businessman spend upwards of $40,000 to defeat one guy? Why do they need the Klusman, Edds, and Greene to stay in power? What is their payoff for their investment in these three?  In the four years they’ve been in office Salisbury has sunk below the horizon in a blaze of gunfire, sirens, and a municipal broadband that “turned the corner and kept on going with the city’s money”.  Salisbury is harming the county’s reputation big time.

I highly recommend voters go out and fill those little ovals for Jim Sides, Craig Pierce, and Mike Julian during the primary election.



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