Updated! Salisbury: Salisbury Police were Called to the Livingstone Campus around 10 P.M. for “Active Shooter”. No Injuries Reported

Posted on April 12, 2018

RFP Staff

♦ Wednesday around 10 p.m. Salisbury Police were called to the Livingstone College Campus on the report of an “Active Shooter” inside the Trent Gymnasium.  Multiple gunshots were said to be heard in the vicinity of the Livingstone College Gym which drew the Campus Police to the area.  According to Livingstone College sources a group of students were playing basketball inside the gym when school employees attempted to close the gym for the night. A man became angered and shot at the Trent Gymnasium ceiling. Shell casings were found by the Livingstone Police scattered on the floor.

Livingstone Campus during report of “Active Shooter”:

The shooter fled the campus on foot and ran toward Monroe Street where he disappeared.

No one was reported hit and no one was taken into custody. The school officially put a “shelter in place” precaution that acts like a lockdown.

The young man involved in the shooting has not been identified.

**This article will be updated with any new information as soon as it arrives.**

Location Livingstone College, Salisbury, N.C.:



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