Video: David Post Exposes Fibrant’s Lack of Redundancy (Backup) and Makes an Outrageous Claim about Hotwire’s Alleged Service

Posted on April 10, 2018

RFP Staff

♦ On April 3rd, 2018 at Salisbury’s City Council meeting David Post exposed Fibrant’s lack of redundancy (internet signal back up).  Revealing this lack of redundancy explained Fibrant’s recent gaps in internet service when Fibrant’s internet goes down. This admitted lack of important stability is a major turnoff for both businesses and residential customers and would partially explain Fibrant’s lackluster customer base and why Spectrum and AT&T are eating Fibrant’s internet lunch.

Somewhere around 2013/2014 Fibrant claimed to attained redundancy (backup) and it appears they did. Now they no longer have it. It seems incredible that any broadband company, even fifth rate municipal one, would allow themselves to lapse into a lack of redundancy knowing its extreme importance to stability. Amazingly unprofessional. It makes city watchers wonder if Salisbury is scratching at death’s door financially. Does the city lack money? Why are the State Treasurer’s Office and the LGC showing up in Salisbury to ask questions? A casual look around at the city’s core municipal services would tell almost anyone that Salisbury is hurting financially and unstable. Will Salisbury become the next Stockton, California? Or kind of a poor man’s Detroit or East Saint Loo? Time will tell. It would be a blessing if the city was rescued by the LGC and captained by a far more responsible fiscal hand.

Here is David Post revealing that Fibrant lacks redundancy:

David Post makes an outrageous claim about Hotwire Communication’s alleged “great” service. It may be among the very worst in the U.S.A. A review of JD Power’s U.S. Residential Internet and Television Service Provider Satisfaction Study for the South Region show that Hotwire Communications failed to make the list for customer satisfaction.

The August 2017 Consumer Reports issue pages 34 to 35 listing of internet providers in the USA rating customer service, technical support, reliability, and value showed that Hotwire Communications was not even listed among 52 internet providers. The same report can be found on line for a price.

Now in the cities where Hotwire Communications appears the customer reviews for Hotwire are horrific. Customer satisfaction reviewers loathe Hotwire Communications.

Here are customer reviews from YELP, Rippoff Report, etc. reviews where the overwhelming majority of reviewers gave them one star reviews or 2 stars at best.

Sounds just right for a company possibly managing the Fibrant Debacle. Reviews, etc. for Hotwire Communications:

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