Salisbury: The DA’s Office to Seek the Death Penalty for Sandy Parsons Charged with the Alleged Murder (First degree) of Erica Parsons

Posted on April 4, 2018

RFP Staff

♦ According to reliable sources at the Rowan County Courthouse and in area law enforcement, the District Attorney’s Office will seek the death penalty for Sandy Wade Parsons, 44, charged with the alleged murder (first degree) of Erica Parsons and a number of other felony charges in what is said to be one of the most heinous child abuse and murder cases in U.S. criminal history.

No word yet from the D.A.’s Office about seeking the death penalty for his wife Casey Lynn Stone Parsons, 43, also charged with the alleged murder (first degree) and other felony charges in the death of Erica Parsons.

The intense antipathy toward the Sandy and Casey Parsons and the clamoring for their death penalties is palpable in Rowan County. If convicted of the alleged murder and the Parsons receive the Death Penalty, their “termination” at the hands of the state still faces a number of hurdles for its reactivation in North Carolina.  There are still a fair number of folks sitting on death row in the Great North State.

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The First Degree Murder Indictment for the Killing of Erica Lynn Parsons: The Complete Document:

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