Salisbury: The Late Ferguson Laurent and Anthony Gill are Named Suspects in the July 2016 Shooting Death of Adrian Potts in Charlotte

Posted on March 31, 2018

RFP Staff

♦ According to Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police and Salisbury Police sources Claude Ferguson Laurent, Jr., 24, and Anthony Eugene Gill, 23, both deceased, were named as suspects Friday in the June 11th, 2016 shooting death of Adrian Potts, 20, at the 901 Place Apartments in Charlotte’s University City area.

Claude Ferguson Laurent, Jr. died during the serving of a “no knock warrant” in an officer-involved shooting in Salisbury on November 3rd 2016 and Anthony Eugene Gill was shot to death on July 29th, 2016 in an early morning gun battle that took two lives in Downtown Salisbury at the Wells Fargo parking lot.

The Late Claude Ferguson Laurent, Jr.:

The Late Anthony Eugene Gill:

Salisbury Police Department Press Release:

“The death of Laurent was tragic for his family, the officers involved, and the Salisbury community. The officers had some knowledge that Mr. Laurent was involved in activity in Salisbury and other communities that made undertaking the investigation that led to the warrant being served in November 2016 necessary to protect our citizens. While we at the Salisbury Police Department find no solace in this information coming to greater light, we hope the community understands the difficult job our officers face and the potential danger involved when dealing with those who may be involved in violent crime.

The SPD has implemented a number of safeguards to increasingly ensure officer and citizen safety during those times we serve search warrants. The information released today by CMPD hasn’t changed our focus on community safety and commitment to combating violent gun crime.”

The July 29th, 2016 RFP article on the Downtown double murder in the Wells Fargo Parking lot area:

The November 3rd, 2016 RFP article: “Salisbury Police Serve a “No-Knock Warrant This Morning on the 600 Block of E. Lafayette Street.  Officer Kill Man in Shoot Out”:

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