Todd Paris’s Comprehensive Scouting Report for the GOP State Senate Primary // Carl Ford’s April 17th Fundraiser!

Posted on March 30, 2018

Todd Paris, RFP Contributor and Salisbury Attorney

♦ Former GOP Rep. Carl Ford ended up “double bunked” with Rep. Larry Pittman after re-districting. So much for Democrats being punished by re-districting! Rather than go to war with a long time political ally and friend Pitman, Ford decided to launch his campaign at a newly drawn state senate seat that includes Rowan and Stanly County.

I used to host a radio program on Carl’s radio station “Politics This Week” that is on hiatus. I got to know Carl very well and was able to discuss a number of political issues with him. He and I don’t agree on everything, however we agree on a lot. He is a true friend to gun owners in this state and champion of conservative fiscal spending. I also discovered that Carl is a honest man and very, very bright as far a local and state matters are concerned. We have been and will be extremely well represented by Carl.

It came to my attention that a primary competitor or a supporter of same is rumored to be telling Republicans that Carl is a “Country Club Republican.” This is hilariously false. He drives an ancient Honda Civic with more miles on it than the Starship Enterprise and a paint job that looks like it spends its nights in the bottom of the bird-cage. His modest house in China Grove is covered in asbestos siding and he wears cheap suits. He ekes out his modest living running a Christian radio station in South Rowan and draws a salary from the state that is much less than a starting school teacher. He never buys lunch, at least not for me. I have never seen or heard of Carl being in the Salisbury Country Club and I have never noticed a single contribution from any of Salisbury’s wealthy one per-centers.

I’m voting for Carl Ford in the May 8th Primary!


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♦ Carl Ford Fundraiser!




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