Letter-to-the-Editor: Kenny Hardin Endorses Craig Pierce for Rowan County Commissioner

Posted on March 21, 2018

Kenny Hardin, Salisbury, N.C.

♦ I’ve heard people criticize Craig Pierce for the honest and candid statements he’s made that some feel have been politically incorrect. I’ve even had folk come at me and others who support him sideways for standing by him. Craig is a grown man and can defend himself, so this is not a post to do that. I’m simply providing insight as to why I’m supporting his reelection bid and voting for him next month and in November..

I strongly support him now during this election process because I know his heart and his true motivation. For me, anything he has said that may have rubbed folk wrong doesn’t come from a place of malicious intent, but from a necessary unrestrained reality. In the five years I’ve known Craig, he has never said or done anything out of pocket that I’ve taken offense to or called him out on. I’ve shown that I hold folk to a high standard of integrity when it comes to race and equity and he has shown me where his heart is with both.

It’s funny how folk have criticized Craig for his generosity and willingness to provide financial assistance to kids and causes, saying that he has ulterior motives. That is straight up bullshit. Yes he is generous and will support worthy causes, but he is present, engaged and involved too. He doesn’t just show up on MLK day, and at other cultural events just for photo ops. It’s funny that many of the hypocrites who have criticized him and those who support him have no trouble asking for donations and financial support for their causes after criticizing him.

During my campaign and time in Office, he showed me more support than a lot of these fake so called Black leaders who never came to my defense or offered guidance or support. He constantly called me to offer advice, guidance and to discuss initiatives that would help economically challenged communities. At other times and up until present day, he calls me or texts a couple of times a week just to see how I’m doing. There are a lot of people who only call me when they are in crisis or need help with a problem.

He has the financial means to let all this go and live a quiet good life, but as he often tells me: he has so much more he wants to accomplish before he leaves public office. He is committed to improving water and sewer to bring industry and high wage paying jobs to our County. He wants to provide affordable single family housing to teachers and police officers, stop wasteful spending with our School System, I prove our scores, and ensure resources are spent equally in all areas of the County.

So, instead of focusing on the tone of his words, focus on the progressive content of the message. Stop allowing these professional politicians to come around every two years and use you. Craig has my unwaveringly support and vote. I would encourage you to vote for him in next month’s primary election and in November.

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