Spectrum Announces Free Internet Speed Upgrade for Customers in Rowan County and Salisbury. Base Customer Speed is Now 200 Mbps

Posted on March 9, 2018

RFP Staff

♦ A Rowan County residential customer of Spectrum internet forwarded this announcement to the RFP of Spectrum’s internet speed upgrade at no additional cost to all its customers in Rowan County and Salisbury, N.C. That speed upgrade is available now. 

The new customer base speed will now be 200 Mbps down.  Spectrum tech support may have to adjust your modem and WIFI to assure you are getting the 200 Mbps.  In the circumstances of the customer who was kind enough to send us his announcement and screen shot of his speed test, all that needed to happen was an upgrade of his WIFI router firmware.

Announcement of Spectrum’s internet speed upgrade at no additional cost:

Screenshot of Spectrum customer’s free speed upgrade to 200 Mbps:

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