Todd Paris on Greg Edd’s Scheme to Spend $80K of Taxpayer Money on Facebook Ads to Tout the County’s Alleged Progress Under Edds

Posted on March 8, 2018

Todd Paris, Salisbury Attorney and RFP Contributor

♦ County Commissioners Edds, Klusman, and Greene are facing major GOP primary opposition from Craig Pierce, Michael Julian, and Jim Sides. The two Democrats up for election in the fall probably are no real threats, at least not historically as the county, outside of Salisbury and parts of Northern Rowan are decidedly Republican Red.  A few months before the GOP primary, suddenly some group, no one has heard of previously, wants the County Commission to spend $80K of taxpayer money on FaceBook ads to boost Rowan and tell everyone what great progress we made under Edd’s benign rule? Oh no, Mr. Paris, it’s to boost the county as a whole! Approved! The Tourism Board Authority apparently wanted no part of this. Let’s channel the money through the Economic Development Commission.

Greg Edds:

Who needs campaign contributions when taxpayer money will suffice to sell the public on how great things are right now. The campaign might be read or misread to say that nothing needs to change, particularly not our beloved County Commission Chair Edds and his two autopilot “yes” votes. How can we dare risk derailing all our “economic progress?” This is in spite of the fact that almost all of the slim recent economic development touted had already started under the Sides Commission or were Craig Pierce’s “baby” from the start (water and sewer).

I wonder if Edd’s, Klusman’s and Greene’s faces and quotes will feature predominately in these taxpayer funded ads? Will this pass the “smell test?” Is this just more “Classic Edds?”

I am waiting to see what these ads look like. I wonder if a complaint may be lodged somewhere official? Like what’s the Board of Elections phone number?  The only cure to clean up this thing is to delay this advertising campaign until at least after the primary.

“We Totally Trust Greg”

Commissioners Edds, Klusman, and Greene Bungling, Taxpayer Waste, and an Allegiance to Salisbury’s Real Estate and Banking Order:

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