Salisbury Police Charge a 9th Grade Salisbury High School Student Who Allegedly Made Threats Via Social Media to “Shoot Up the School”

Posted on February 27, 2018

RFP Staff

♦ According to Salisbury Police and Rowan-Salisbury Schools System sources, a 14 year old 9th grade student at Salisbury High School, whose name is restricted due to his age, was charged by the Salisbury Police Department via juvenile petition for allegedly threatening via social media to “shoot up” Salisbury High School.  It was reported the original threat happened in Ohio at a school sharing the same initials SHS and was posted by a Facebook profile named “Ray Andres”.  The Salisbury High School student allegedly changed his account to mirror the original account of “Ray Andres” and altered the post so it appeared to be Salisbury High School in Salisbury, N.C.. The school was locked down Thursday and Friday. This alleged action sparked a Code Orange lockdown at Salisbury High School at 500 Lincolnton Road in Salisbury.

According to Salisbury Police sources no one else was involved in the threat at the High School.

Salisbury High School, one of the city’s four low performing schools with a history of gang-related activity, reacted swiftly to threat.

No announcement has been made on what will happen to the 9th grader for his alleged prank.

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