Salisbury: Cordera Brown Arrested Monday for the Alleged January 22nd Armed Robbery of Brandon McIntosh on Standish Street

Posted on February 27, 2018

RFP Staff

♦ Salisbury Police sources report that Cordera Rayshard Brown, 30, of Salisbury was arrested Monday at 2:12 p.m. at 231 W. D Avenue in Salisbury for the alleged January 22nd, 2018 armed robbery and shooting of Brandon Stephon McIntosh, 26, at the Solid Rock Apartments at 1309 Standish Street.  McIntosh gave up two budget cellphones and was wounded during the robbery involving a handgun.

Cordera Rayshard Brown:

Charges Cordera Rayshard Brown:

Cordera Rayshard Brown’s Previous Record:

The RFP Article appearing on January 23rd, 2018: “Salisbury: Man Assaulted with a Gun Monday Afternoon in the Parking Lot of the Solid Rock Apartments on Standish Street”

“Salisbury Police Department sources report that Brandon Stephon McIntosh, 26, of 208 Green Gable Lane in Salisbury, was the victim of “assault-gun” and “robbery-firearms” in the parking lot of the Solid Rock Apartments. McIntosh sustained “other major injuries”. His current condition is unknown. He was transported to an area hospital. A handgun was employed in the crime.

The crime was reported to 911 dispatch at 12:23 p.m. and brought police vehicles into the Solid Rock Apartments parking lot. Investigators knocked on doors and spoke with neighbors.

No description of the suspect is currently available.”

Manifest of items stolen from Brandon Stephon McIntosh at 1309 Standish Street, Salisbury, N.C.:

The Victim Brandon Stephon McIntosh:

Solid Rock Apartments, 1309 Standish Street, Salisbury, N.C.:

Location Solid Rock Apartments, 1309 Standish Street, Salisbury, N.C.:

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