Edds, Klusman, and Green’s Big Campaign Kickoff Touts It’s Glaring Lack of Accomplishments and Initiatives in Office

Posted on February 11, 2018

RFP Staff

♦ About a week ago our email was flooded with copies of Greg Edds embarrassing Big Campaign Kickoff touting Edds, Klusman, and Green’s glaring lack of accomplishments and initiatives in Office.  We thank all those dozens of RFP readers on Edds mailing list for the alert.

Greg Edds:

Judy Klusman:

Jim Green:

Rowan County Government’s Major Accomplishments and Initiatives from December 2013 when Craig Pierce, Mike Caskey, Jim Sides, and Chad Mitchell formed a voting block for the Good of the County Taxpayers and Not for Salisbury’s Special Interests:


Those were awesome days. We look forward to their return with Mike Julian, Craig Pierce, and Mike Caskey, and perhaps a 4th person if they decide to run.

Edds, Klusman, and Green’s Big Campaign Kickoff Touts It’s Glaring Lack of Accomplishments and Initiatives in Office (click on email below to enlarge):

Back in 2014 the discourse was excellent and it sure didn’t interfere with the county’s economic development or initiatives.

Sorry to report little if any economic growth in Rowan County with Greg Edds and his chronic yes votes from Klusman and Green, all three representing Salisbury’s real estate and banking families and not Rowan County taxpayers or even the citizens of Salisbury. A review of the county commission videos and minutes will show Edds, Klusman, and Greene vote as one.

Our Rowan-Salisbury Schools have gone rapidly backwards on the Edds, Klusman, and Green trio’s watch.  They are all too willing to throw money down that drain.  Meanwhile parents with the financial wherewithal are removing their kids from RSSS and sending them to the statewide online charter school (N.C. Connections Academy), homeschooling them, hiking across the county line to Cabarrus schools, or entering their youngsters in private schools.

If Edds can be given a pat on the head for anything he helped dump his former pal Rowan Works headman Robert Van Geons known more for his power lunches than any tangible economic development. Also Edds and county commissioners (Pierce and Caskey) okayed Kevin Auten and his Rowan County Sheriff’s Office rescuing the grossly understaffed Salisbury Police Department in trying to hold off Salisbury’s tidalwave of crime.

Under Edds, Klusman, and Green the county’s tax base has shrunk.

Edds attempts to take credit for Craig Pierce’s water and sewer initiative in the county.  In fact Edds tried to take credit for the successes and initiatives begun when Pierce, Caskey, Sides, and Mitchell were a voting block.

Edds, Klusman, and Green can take full credit for running off potential leasers from the West End Plaza and costing County taxpayers.

Remember Edds’ clown signs that N.C. DOT shot down?  How about his wanting to build a hotel down by the Clancy Hill Apartments and miles from I-85?

Innovation?  “Tremendous progress, but there’s still much to do.”  This sounds like a bad ad for the Fibrant Debacle or Salisbury’s “vibrant” downtown.

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