The Myth of Salisbury, N.C. Being the Epicenter between Atlanta and Washington, D.C. and the Midpoint between Charlotte and the Triad

Posted on January 31, 2018

RFP Staff

♦ For years now the local Economic Development Commission used to sell this EDC flim-flam that Salisbury was the center of the known universe.  Like all the roads from all the region’s major cities along I-85 led to Salisbury.  The problem is a whole lot of cities can make the same midpoint and epicenter claim only they don’t suffer from:

• Salisbury’s violent and property crime rate

• They don’t have awful D and F schools

• They don’t suffer from Salisbury’s I-85 crime tourism

• They are not weighed under by 2,000 plus vacant and abandoned houses where revolving door breaking and entering criminals hangout

• They don’t have Salisbury’s heroin, meth, crack, opioids, and alcohol epidemic

• They don’t have Salisbury’s wealth of gangs

• They don’t suffer from the Fibrant Debacle’s $3 Million Dollar a year and worsening millstone around their neck that buckled the city’s legs in keeping up core city services.

• They don’t suffer from 25% of their folks living below the poverty line

• They have skilled and educated workforces.

• They don’t suffer from the Salisbury Police Department’s gross understaffing of able bodied patrol officers insufficient to handle the city’s growing criminal population without the help of the Rowan County Sheriff’s Office.  The last time the SPD had close to enough patrol officers was back around 2008-2009.  Those numbers are not matched today or anywhere near what is required to handle the Salisbury’s growing criminal legions.  There are simply more criminals living in Salisbury than 10 years ago and sadly less patrol officers.

And other competing cities in North Carolina don’t continue to overbuild subsidized housing or have the state’s largest homeless shelter as a magnet to draw in more poor that weigh heavily on the city and county’s governmental systems.

These negative factors are a wall against economic development.  Larger still is the fact that other cities that don’t suffer from Salisbury’s challenges, have a lot of money for incentives and provide a much better quality life.

We urge folks to get out their road atlases and maps and count all regional cities and municipalities that can make the same claim as being the epicenter between Atlanta and Washington, D.C. or are the midpoint between Charlotte and the Triad.  Quite a few right?

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