Updated! Salisbury: Homeless Man Threatened with a Pistol Wednesday Evening at Family Dollar on E. Innes Street

Posted on January 18, 2018

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♦ With the current snow and freezing temperatures in Salisbury we were saddened to learn that one of the many homeless people living on the streets of Salisbury expired from freezing to death under a bridge. We hope these persons can find shelter somewhere. If the Empire Hotel Project ever goes through, perhaps those 62 proposed HUD units may someday be put to use as mercy dwellings and entry standards might be lowered for the city’s desperately poor.

“There, But for the Grace of God, Go I”  John Bradford, Clergyman

Salisbury Police sources reported that John Ray Hedrick, 36, of the streets of Salisbury, was the victim of “assault-gun” at Family Dollar, 410 E. Innes Street on Wednesday when Stephen Hanford Sarnowski, 38, of the streets of Salisbury, allegedly threated him with a pistol.  The crime was reported to 911 dispatch at 6:07 p.m.  The Salisbury Police arrested the Sarnowski a short time later at the same location and his pistol was seized.  It is said to be a gas propelled pellet pistol.  No injuries occurred during the incident.  No motive for the assault has been provided.

Stephen Hanford Sarnowski:

Sarnowski was charged with communicating threats (misdemeanor) and simple assault & battery and affray (misdemeanor). At the time of this writing no bail was set.

Stephen Hanford Sarnowski’s Previous Record:


The Victim John Ray Hedrick:

**This article will be updated as more information arrives.**

Event Report for John Ray Hedrick “assault-gun” at Dollar Land:

Family Dollar, 410 E. Innes Street, Salisbury, N.C.:

Location Family Dollar, 410 E. Innes Street, Salisbury, N.C.:

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