Videos: Salisbury City Council Public Comment on January, 16th, 2018–Carolyn Logan on City Water–Michael Kirksey on Boycotting Fibrant

Posted on January 17, 2018

RFP Staff

Carolyn Logan Questions City Hall’s Denials about Asbestos in Salisbury’s Water.  Staff Note: Salisbury has far more problems in its water system than Asbestos fibers in the water supply such as Hexavalent Chromium a noted carcinogen and other toxic substances and their decaying watersystem, not kept up due to their diverting its money to the Fibrant Debacle. 

Later in the city council meeting Jim Behmer and a Salisbury-Rowan Utilities water quality worker made a presentation that employed the unscientific weasel phrase employed by cigarette corporations, chemical corporations, and smokeless tobacco corporations to protect their toxic products.  We’ll paraphrase: “NO DIRECT CONNECTION HAS BEEN PROVEN BETWEEN OUR PRODUCT/SUBSTANCE AND ANY DELITERIOUS EFFECTS/DISEASES/CANCER ETC.”  The challenge is they dismiss scientific evidence not in their selfish-interests.

Michael Kirksey on Boycotting Fibrant:

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