Salisbury City Council and Duck and Cover Kim Jong-Un Style

Posted on January 16, 2018

Todd Paris, Salisbury Attorney

♦ I have been “on break” for awhile. The “Paris Tower” at 113 East Council Street is for sale, though I plan on leaving the practice in a rented office Downtown. My Wife and I have decided we want a modest house out in the country. It’s just that simple.

Salisbury City Council has a new mayor, Al Heggins, David Post is Mayor Pro-tem and Tamara Sheffield has been elected as kind of a Maggie Blackwell replacement. That Brian Miller and Karen Alexander were re-elected just shows if you have 1700 or so friends in this city you can get re-elected no matter what bone-headed activities you are involved in.

Mayor Heggin’s election was accomplished in spite of the fact that she did not appear on Ed Norvell’s prescribed list of “who to vote for”.  Good for her! Unfortunately Post and Sheffield were. It will remain to be seen whether these two vote for what’s best for all citizens of Salisbury or just do what “the money” tells them to do. My fingers are crossed.

The Rowan GOP, staying out of the race, virtually guaranteed that only one Republican was elected. The Rowan Democratic Party, energized by the Anti-Trumpers and social justice warriors ruled the day. Karen Alexander was the only Republican elected. Yeah, I know she’s anti-gun and I have never seen her at a Rowan GOP meeting either.

There may be good news. It appears that public comment rules may be open and I think it’s highly likely that Mayor Heggins will treat citizens at public comment with much more tolerance and respect. That would be good.

There appears to be a desire on council to look at the quality of SRU drinking water due to decaying concrete-asbestos water mains and likely Hexavalent Chromium in the water. This is good. The City Manager is scheduled to appear at January 16, 2018’s City Council meeting to address concerns. He is expected to say that where needed Salisbury’s concrete-asbestos water mains have been lined with PVC pipes and we have no asbestos in our water. Council would be wise to make him prove this. There should be years of purchase orders for PVC to prove his assertion. I note that during the campaign at meeting of candidates SRU’s Jim Behmer admitted that around 10% of Salisbury’s water mains were made of concrete-asbestos and did not mention one word about PVC lining. Council needs to make him show his work. Remember our city hall falsely claimed the Fibrant turned the corner and made a small profit and a couple of other whoppers.

Duck and Cover Kim Jong-Un Style

On the global front, North Korea’s Supreme Leader Kim Jong-Un is threatening to “nuke” us and a recent false alert in Hawaii has freaked everyone out. To those of my generation who lived under the threat of atomic destruction this is more “normal.” The reality is that Kim Jong-Un could probably only takeout a few major cities before Trump turns North Korea into a wasteland of shadowgrams and radioactive rubble. Kim Jong-Un probably does not have Salisbury among his key targets.

North Korea’s Supreme Leader Kim Jong-Un:

I received training in junior high on this from the legendary Robert Fink. If you are at or near the point of the blast, the heat and pressure wave will kill you in seconds. For the rest of us fall-out is the issue and particles sucked up in the mushroom cloud are irradiated by gamma radiation and carried away by winds and the blast. Gamma radiation causes cancer.

50’s Duck and Cover Drill:

Fall-out is governed by the Seven-Ten Rule. Wiki provides a concise definition. “The danger of radiation from fallout also decreases with time, as radioactivity decays exponentially with time, such that for each factor of seven increases in time, the radiation is reduced by a factor of ten. For example, after 7 hours, the average dose rate is reduced by a factor of ten; after 49 hours, it is reduced by a further factor of ten (to 1/100th); after two weeks the radiation from the fallout will have reduced by a factor of 1000 compared the initial level; and after 14 weeks the average dose rate will have reduced to 1/10,000th of the initial level.”

Gamma radiation is absorbed and or blocked by layers of material you can put between yourself and the outside where these particles will literally “fall-out.” The more dense the layers, the less exposure you get. For instance brick and concrete are better than wood and basements are better than top floors. Taking shelter in a basement of a commercial building or the subway even for as little as 24 hours can greatly reduce your exposure to gamma radiation. The longer you stay sheltered, the better off you will be. There are scads of stuff to be Googled on public and home fall-out shelters and stuff. Take a look.

Well, it’s a strange new world here in 2018, however it seems somewhat familiar to me. Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.

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