Four Teenagers Arrested for a Burglary Gone Haywire on Daugherty Rd in China Grove Monday A.M. Homeowner Shot at as Burglars Leave

Posted on January 16, 2018

RFP Staff

♦ According to sources in the Rowan County Sheriff’s Office and the Salisbury Police, 4 teenagers, 3 from Salisbury, were allegedly involved a burglary gone haywire in the 1600 block of Daugherty Road in China Grove.  At 1 a.m. Rowan County Sheriff’s Office deputies were called to the house by 911 dispatch.  The homeowner Miranda Rhinehardt, 35. told the deputies she woke up hearing her son Matt Clark, 17, and his friend Hunter Bollinger, 19, fighting with three other teenagers in her house.  The woman tried to intercede and end the fight, but the fight continued.  The woman’s son Matt Clark was reportedly being robbed of marijuana and money.

Three of the teenager attempted to get in a car.  When the mother tried to get her son away from the alleged robbers, one of the 3, John Alvin Jeffries of S. Fulton Street in Salisbury threatened to kill her.  The mother reportedly said he wouldn’t do it.  Jeffries allegedly fired a shot that missed her head, then got in the car with the others and fired several shots in the air.

Later Salisbury police officers spotted the suspects’ car near S. Church and Harrison streets in Salisbury.  One teenager fled the car, the others were taken into custody.

The homeowner from Daugherty Road was delivered to the scene where she identified the suspects.  Jeremiah Obrien Mason, 16, of Neelytown Road in Salisbury and Dakota LaShawn Hunter, 18, of S. Church Street in Salisbury allegedly admitted they had Marijuana in their underwear and turned it over. Aldyn Shon Blackwelder, 19, of Bostian Heights St. in China Grove was also arrested and identified.

The investigation is ongoing.

John Alvin Jeffries:

Charges John Alvin Jeffries:

Aldyn Shon Blackwelder:

Charges Aldyn Shon Blackwelder:

Jeremiah Obrien Mason:

Charges Jeremiah Obrien Mason:

Dakota LeShawn Hunter:

Charges Dakota LeShawn Hunter:

Location 1600 Block of Daugherty Road in China Grove:

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