Greg Edds Latest Hokum to Turn High Rock Lake into an Economic Driver will Fly No Further than His Plan for a Hotel by the Clancy Hills Apts.

Posted on January 11, 2018

Michael Julian, Candidate for the Rowan County Commission 2018

“Fake It till You Make It.” Chairman Greg Edds

“I’ve put in 1,000 hours of intensive economic development study.” Chairman Greg Edds

♦ About a week ago someone passed me a copy of the alternate reality Salisbury Post.  In it was Chairman Greg Edds latest ill-conceived flim-flam about turning High Rock Lake into an economic driver for the county.  He was joined by another “economic development expert” Mickey Wetzel who left California for Downtown Salisbury (seriously) and owns Go Burrito across the street from a double murder last year and an other shooting in the Go Burrito’s alley about a year prior to the killings. Oh yes and an embarrassing fist fight downstairs by Go Burrito’s hot sauce rack. None of these incidents are Mickey’s fault–he just had the misfortune of opening a restaurant/bar in Downtown Salisbury where troubled youths kill each other when dissed.

Even Elaine Spaulding of the Rowan County Chamber of Commerce agreed with our economic development “experts”. Then there’s the big team from the Economic Development Commission (noted for its lack of any tangible economic development in recent years) and the High Rock Lake Association. (Who dat?) And someone said, “We’re not Lake Norman and we don’t want to be.” Are people chanting the Greg Edds motto, “Fake it until You make it?”

Chairman Edds track record with economic development for his two years in office shows a big fat goose egg. Greg Edds proposed a hotel in the shadow of the Clancy Hills Apartments (next door to the West End Plaza), a convention center in the Belk Building, he blocked leasing spaces in the West End Plaza so he, Judy Klusman, and Jim Green could send businesses to Downtown Salisbury. (Who is he working for the County Taxpayers or a certain Salisbury real estate company?) How about his tasteless gateway signs that never saw the light of day? The free land he wanted to give away for spec buildings? The pipe dream of wanting to buy Fibrant for the county to save Salisbury? (That ended quickly when someone pinched him)  We could go on and on about his economic development ideas that fortunately never got off the ground. Maybe he needed an additional 1,000 hours of intensive economic development study under somebody other that Robert Van Geons?

What really needs to be addressed is the hidden agenda behind the fishwrapper’s article. That agenda is to rid the lake of those people not financially able to own permanent housing. This is just the beginning of a gameplan to rezone the campers and trailers out of the waterfront property and force the working men and women away from their weekend getaways. Is their a ploy to rid the lake of those weekend RVs and campers and replace them with million dollar homes? Is this how we want to increase the taxbase in our county? The greed in our County doesn’t stop with the County Club and Downtown Salisbury. Maybe those who live on the lake like the idea of increasing the shoreline views?

Navigation lights are a dangerous issue. Chronic dangers of floating trees, brush, and even dead cattle floating in the river. Enticing people to boat on the lake at night is not only hazardous, its pretty dumb.

The Buck Steam plant’s coal ash ponds leaking created major contamination in the wells along Leonard Road. These are said to create a cancer cluster in the area.

Catching a Mercury laden fish in High Rock Lake AKA “Lil’ Muddy”:

Burning a leach off with a cigarette at High Rock Lake:

Long term residents of the lake confess that their wellwater is sickening. People in the area have to have extreme water filtration to avoid iron and sediments in their drinking and bathing water. A 30% buildout along the shoreline can be attributed to the fact that there are no roadways to a majority of the shoreline. Since Alcoa owned the land and had no intentions of developing the property, knowing how shallow the waters are, no access roads were needed or wanted.

It’s ironic that the day this agenda driven Post article came out, Cube Hydro dropped the river levels by 8 feet in 48 hours. So much for your view in a cove or the backwaters.

“Leave Our Lake Alone” (LOLA) will likely have something to say about Edd’s latest scheme to give the appearance of economic development.

And seriously what fool would eat fish with any mercury in it period? The warning signs posted around this shallow mud lake ought to keep fishermen from eating their catch. `

If you really want to know the skinny about Edds call to remake High Rock Lake read this earlier RFP Article. It’s dead on.:

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