Carolyn Logan: The Conscience of Salisbury and the Rowan Free Press’s Citizen of the Year 2017

Posted on January 8, 2018

Steve Mensing, the Editor and the RFP Staff

♦ Every so often communities have citizens guided by conscience and empathy for their fellow human beings who come forward and speak out.  They do not hide behind trees.  They are the Rosa Parks and Gandhi’s of this world and they speak their minds about corruption, prejudice, crime, environmental dangers, and other challenges in their communities.  They face silencing, public derision, sometimes imprisonment, assassination, and the shutting down of their basic rights to free speech.  In the end their fearlessness and conscience always triumph, sadly sometimes after their deaths.  History books record their heroic exploits for the betterment of mankind.  They are inspiring persons.

The Staff and Editor of the Rowan Free Press voted without hesitation and in unanimity for Carolyn Logan as the Rowan Free Press’s Citizen of the Year 2017.

Video: Carolyn Logan Escorted from City Council Meeting After Saying Council Violated 1st Amendment Rights:

A collection of Carolyn Logan videos can be found here:

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