UPDATE! Veteran ID Cards: The VA is Now Issuing ID Cards to Honorably Discharged Veterans

Posted on December 7, 2017

Rodney Cress, Veteran Advocate

♦ The VA is now issuing ID cards to honorably discharged veterans. This card is primarily for those veterans who are not eligible for the Veterans Healthcare ID card, or who do not qualify for a Dept. of Defense ID card.

Veterans must go to this website to register:


The VA opened this site Nov. 30th but they unfortunately did not prepare for the number of veterans who would apply for the card. As a result, the site has crashed several times. Right now, veterans can go to the site to give their email address and await notification of when they will have the site back up to register for the ID card.

Part of the registration and verification process for the ID card is doing credit checks. So, if you have frozen your credit reports due to security breaches with varies companies like Equifax, OPM, and Target, etc. to protect against identity theft, you won’t be able to get the ID card while your credit is frozen.

Today I received the following notice from my contact at the VA: Veterans can unfreeze only the Experian report, leaving the TransUnion and Equifax reports frozen. We are working directly with Experian to implement a one-time passcode solution that will allow Veterans to leave the Experian file frozen but allow one-time access to confirm their identity. At this time, we don’t have an ETA for that solution.

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