Salisbury: Car Shot Up on W. Council Street. Damage Estimated at $655

Posted on December 2, 2017

RFP Staff

♦ The city-wide vandalism continues without letup.  Windows broken with rocks or by drive-by shooters, graffiti and gang tags on prominent buildings and houses, lawn hoses get turned on in the middle of the night to run up smart meter bills, car doors keyed–you name it.  It’s Christmas time in Salisbury and the vandals are keeping pace with the purse snatchers and vehicular break-in artists.

According to Salisbury Police sources Roy Hartford, living at 628 W. Council Street, was the victim of a “vandalism” when his 2014 grey Toyota Corolla 4-door sedan was shot up by an unknown shooter employing a handgun on Wednesday.  Bullets or pellets damaged a gas cap, bumper, fender, tires, and 2 windows.  Damage was estimated at $655. Mercifully no one was injured.

No motive was disclosed for shooting at the car and no suspects were developed.

628 W. Council Street, Salisbury, N.C.:

Location 628 W. Council Street, Salisbury, N.C.:

Citizens having any knowledge about this crime are urged to call the Salisbury Police at 704-638-5333. If you fear retribution, want to remain anonymous and possibly collect a reward of up to $1,000, information can be submitted 24/7 via the web: or by calling the Salisbury-Rowan Crime Stoppers at 1-866-639-5245.

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