On Friday December 1st County Commissioner Craig Pierce Opened his Committee to Run for Re-Election to the County Commission in 2018

Posted on December 2, 2017

Craig Pierce, Candidate for Re-Election to the Rowan County Commission 2018

♦ Today Friday, December 1st, I opened my committee to run for County Commissioner in 2018. My reasoning for this midterm run is to give me ample time to complete my commitment to my citizens to bring water and sewer infrastructure to our complete I-85 corridor. The widening and new interchange in the Southern part of our County will be a game changer for our entire county.

When I ran for office in 2012, I campaigned on this issue and committed to my citizens to work to make this happen. After 5 years of constant focus on this issue, it is just now moving into the critical stages for its completion. I would be remiss to get this project this close and not see it to the end.  Since the last election in 2016, I have sold my business, retired, sold my costal property and am committed to remaining in Rowan County for the finality of this important issue.

I am using this primary as a public referendum to see if this is a project they want for the future of the County. If the citizens really want this opportunity to have our county’s economic growth to continue and grow at a rapid pace, then their vote will give me the two extra years I need to complete my task.

This is important to me to live up to my commitment to my citizens that put their trust in me to deliver this once in a lifetime opportunity. I will sacrifice my time and finances to keep my word. I just need to hear from my citizens in the primary.

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