Why Did Downtown Salisbury Look So Empty on Saturday’s Small Business Saturday? Was it the All Weekend Long Cyber Monday?

Posted on November 27, 2017

RFP Staff

♦ Our RFP roving reporters cruised Downtown Salisbury last Saturday looking for signs of human activity during the much ballyhooed Small Business Saturday and sadly we saw only a small gaggle of local shopkeepers dutifully shopping at each other’s stores, the usual panhandlers looking for seed money for the ride back to Landis or Mt. Ulla.  Drifters living on the streets of Salisbury, or in tarp cities along the dying city’s creeks, or under I-85 bridges waiting for a car to break into for the next jackpot “coin sock” or maybe a Glock. Or a vacant house to break into for the next rent-free “home sweet home”.  Ah 2,000 plus vacant houses.

The Future of Downtown Salisbury by Marina Bare Salisbury’s Greatest Living Artist:

Where is the ghost of Paula Bohland when Downtown Salisbury desperately needs to be called “vibrant”?  Where is the Empire Hotel with the promise of HUD units in a Downtown screaming for warm bodies?

Why did Downtown Salisbury look so empty and ghostlike on Downtown Salisbury’s biggest shopping day of the year?  This was the day when some true believer shop locals declared that Small Business Saturday was the day that little independent retailers would kick those chain big box stores’ a**es.

A Video Celebration of Small Business Saturday 2011.  Few Retailers Remain from this 2011 Video Documentary.

Was it because most smart shoppers now avoid brick and mortar stores because of the far better cyber deals and not having to hassle with crowds, packed parking lots, and gas money to travel to Afton Ridge, Concord Mills, Huntersville, and Winston-Salem where all of Salisbury and Rowan County travel for holiday shopping and to shop in safety.

Was it because few will chance traveling into Salisbury, even in broad daylight, because ole Salisbury was recently proclaimed the per capita murder and arson kingdom of North Carolina?

Salisbury, N.C. Ranked No. 1 in Murder and Arson among North Carolina Cities with Populations of 25,000 Plus:


Was it because of the 10 persons murdered in Salisbury so far this year 3 of them were gunned down in Downtown Salisbury.  We won’t mention all the stick-ups, street beatings, strongarm robberies, knifings, purse snatchings, and rock beatings in Klan of the Cave Bear Salisbury.

Was it that many people were away visiting family and friends on Thanksgiving vacation?  Yes, the air is clean and fresh and does not reek of danger many miles from Salisbury’s City limits.

Was it because of the depressing atmosphere of the vacant and ugly South Main Badlands?  The many vacant and blighted storefronts stretching from North Main Street to South Main Street?  Eateries forced into closing due to Salisbury’s low yield spendable income can only support so many Downtown restaurants?

Photo Adventure: September Tour 2017 through Downtown Salisbury, N.C. Parts I and II:


Why do so many Downtown restaurants, night clubs, and bars go “el foldo” in a year or less?

If you are adventurous and have a concealed carry why not travel into Downtown Salisbury to enjoy Bangkok Downtown, the Smokepit BBQ, Panera Bread, and the Sidewalk Deli. Maybe retail isn’t so hot with bargains and their alleged service is only as good as their slacker children, buds, and kin who they mostly hire.

Maybe someday the Municipal Service District Tax will die because someone actually commits to the Empire’s Bat Habitat’s purchase instead of signing non-binding agreements.  Will the city taxpayers be put on the hook for the Empire?

Will another person be murdered in Downtown Salisbury before January 1st 2018?  Another overdose death?  So far in 2017 3 out of 10 persons murdered in Salisbury were shot-to-death in Salisbury’s Downtown.

The 2017 Murder Toll for Salisbury, N.C.: The Salisbury Police Confirmed Homicide Tally from January 1st to December 31st:


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