Letter-to-the-Editor: Why Mike Julian Chose to Run for Rowan County Commission in 2018

Posted on November 16, 2017

Mike Julian, Republican Candidate for Rowan County Commission 2018

♦ The question I most often hear in Rowan County is “Mike, why have you chosen to run in 2018?” Without much hesitation I answer: “We face major crime and drug epidemics throughout the county even though it is way out-of-control in Salisbury and our public school system needs to be far more effective than it is now.”

We are about to get my long answer on why I’m running.

When I was contemplating on running for Commission, I carried on an internal debate about do I focus on my career spanning 31 years at Packaging Corporation of America, but my heart and gut told me that Rowan County needed someone who could stand up for them through all these current tribulations. Lately our county is gripped with shootings, robberies, drug-dealing, and murder mainly in Salisbury. Rowan County has many things in which to take pride. I thank God every day that I get to wake up and live in Rowan County despite it difficulties in the county seat.

I have so many friends here in Rowan County. I look forward to advocating for everyone. Crime has hit our community harder than most. Salisbury, our county’s seat, is ranked as the 9th-most dangerous city in the state of North Carolina. It’s a hard swallow.

The county has subsidized the Salisbury Police Department by allowing our deputies to pick up extra shifts to assist the Salisbury Police Department. I unequivocally support this as long as Salisbury truly needs it. Salisbury must eventually take control of their Police department, sufficiently staff it, and must adequately pay their officers.

Salisbury has a higher tax rate than the county. I will never vote to raise taxes to subsidize this program for the long-term. Salisbury must somehow cut down on Fibrant’s immense losses or sell it to a private if that’s possible, so that they can afford adequate policing. Those officers at the SPD are competent people, but there are simply nowhere near enough to cover the enormous volume of calls they receive. Salisbury is said to be “a little city with big city crime”. I’m hearing Salisbury is facing many retirements soon and to compound their lack of numbers the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police are recruiting 145 new police and they are looking for lateral entries. The Salisbury Police have always been a prime recruiting ground for our topflight Rowan County Sheriff’s Office and for the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police.

Our drug epidemic is the single-most important human issue facing Rowan County at this time. People who are addicted must be clinically dealt with to help them from becoming life-long addicts that feed on public tax dollars. Criminalizing an illness does nothing but cost the taxpayers money. The Salisbury Police must pursue, arrest, and incarcerate those that manufacture, supply, and sell these substances.

At a recent GOP executive meeting, Commissioner Judy Klusman claimed she was working and making headway with the opioid crisis. I don’t know where Judy is coming from with her effects on opioid crisis because the crisis continues to worsen daily.

We require leaders who will not campaign on the issue of progress, when no progress is evident. Saving one person from opioids, only to lose 10 is not progress.

We need leadership who sticks to the good things that prior commissions have done. When the current board was seated in 2014, there were contracts in place that the prior board had signed, and the new board vacated those contracts, costing the taxpayers $61,000 dollars. That is almost double what an individual in Rowan County makes per year. Those contracts would have allowed us to develop the West End Plaza into a space that the county needs badly.

If elected, I will work with law enforcement to fight the Opioid crisis and make legitimate headway that will be evident to the public. I will work with the City of Salisbury to see to it that Salisbury has the law enforcement resources that it desperately requires to help Salisbury Police Department get back on its feet. If elected, I will seriously weigh the merits of every issue that crosses my desk and vote in a way benefiting the majority of Rowan County citizens.

I am running for Rowan County Commission in 2018 because I believe this county can be a better place. I love Rowan County and I love our people. I am proud of the county, but want to fix its issues. I want to be able to contribute to county decision-making at the highest level. I am a commonsense candidate. I am very excited to be running.

I ask for your support in May of 2018. Vote Mike Julian for Rowan County Commission in 2018. Thank you and may God bless you, may God bless Rowan County, and may God bless America.

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