Updated! Avoid Being Victimized by the Flood of Counterfeit Money Being Passed in Salisbury. Know How to Instantly Spot Counterfeit

Posted on November 13, 2017

RFP Staff/Marketwatch.com/WikiHow.com

♦ With the flood of counterfeit money being passed in Salisbury, both shoppers and the folks manning cash registers need to be able to recognize counterfeit bills.  Within the past few weeks a number of Salisbury businesses were nicked by individuals passing counterfeit money according to Salisbury Police Sources. Innocent individuals, unaware they are passing counterfeit, can face a raft of hassles when they undergo an investigation.

Here are two expert articles from Marketwatch.com and Wikihow.com utilizing the identification methods of the U.S. Secret Service in detecting counterfeit bills:



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