Salisbury Mayoral Candidate Kenny Hardin Asks Us to Vote Wisely. Unlike City Council’s “Hobbiest”, Kenny Fights for Our Citizens

Posted on October 3, 2017

Kenny Hardin, Salisbury Mayoral Candidate

♦ Since I’ve been on City Council, I’ve shown I will fight for the people and not just offer lip service. This is not a hobby for me as one current Council Member boasted about at the last two Forums.

I have stood with residents and have been the lone vote against negatively impacting neighborhoods by changing their complexion with businesses. Here is a short list of my work with Citizens:

1. I voted against the wedding business taking over the Sacred Heart Church and upsetting the balance of the Ellis Street Community.

2. I spoke out and fought against the City allowing a Church to take over the Miller Rec Center and Hall Gym leaving the residents with no facilities.

3. I was the lone vote against the location of the new Fire Department in the Catawba College community that citizens were strongly against.

4. I have voted against arbitrarily giving large sums of money to downtown building owners with no reliable return on investment.

5. I stood with the Veterans of the JC Price American Legion Post when the City said they would not assist them with fixing broken sewer lines. They said the Veterans would have to lay $50,000 to nave the repairs done. After my involvement, it was found that the City actually owned the pipes and fixed them at no charge to the Veterans.

6. I have responded to many Code concerns shared with me by citizens and worked with City services departments to get them resolved quickly. This includes lawn overgrowth, dilapidated houses, unauthorized appliances in yards and the algae overgrowth at then City Lake Pool.

7. I have set up meetings and mediated several conflicts between angry citizens, the City and the School System. Some of the issues could’ve resulted in racial tensions exploding in our City.

8. I have routinely gone out to murder scenes and comforted families. When information has been sent to me by citizens who were reluctant to talk with police, I worked with Police leaders and Detectives to ensure crime tips and information was received.

9. I have left my home late at night on many occasions to go comfort crime victims in their homes.

10. I led a community effort to raise money so that kids could swim free all summer at the City owned pool. I secured a $1,000 donation from the Rowan Convention and Tourism Bureau to provide free swim lessons for kids.

So, when these candidates try to convince you how much they care and are working for you, check their record and vote accordingly.

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