Man Shot Early this Morning While Attempting a Vehicle Break-in on Longfield Drive in Enochville. Wounded Man Transported to Hospital

Posted on October 3, 2017

RFP Staff

♦ According to Rowan County Sheriff’s Office sources Jason Lee Lambert, II, 19, of 280 George Brown Road, Gold Hill was shot this morning by Scott Moose a homeowner on the 200 block of Clearfield Road after an attempted vehicle break-in. The shooting occurred by an abandoned house at 185 Longfield Drive in the Enochville area.  Moose called 911 dispatch at 5:07 a.m. to report he videoed a man breaking into his vehicle and shot him during the confrontation. 

There is no word yet of whether Moose violated the “Castle Doctrine” (the N.C. law pertaining to defending home, vehicle, and property) in shooting the man described as a white male and who was alleged to be unarmed. The Rowan County District Attorney’s Office will decide if charges will be brought in the shooting after a review of the evidence.

Rowan County Sheriff’s deputies and Rowan Emergency Services responded quickly to the scene.  Lambert, a stranger to Moose, was reported to be alert and talking. He was shot in the head near his eye with a handgun  He was transported by Rowan EMS to the Carolinas Medical Center Northeast in Concord. Later he was transferred to the Trauma Center at Carolina’s Medical Center–Main in Charlotte. His wound is said to be non life threatening. On Tuesday Lambert was reported to be in stable condition.

Victim Jason Lee Lambert, II:

Two other vehicle break-ins occurred on Clearfield Drive not far from where this morning’s shooting occurred.

Bullet scarred vehicle being towed on Longfield Drive:

Sheriff’s Vehicles and Rowan EMS on Longfield Drive after shooting:

Sheriff’s deputies investigating vehicle at crime scene on Longfield Drive:

The 100 Block of Longfield Drive, Enochville area.

Location Longfield Drive near Clearfield Drive, Enochville area:

Castle Doctrine, N.C. Law for defending your home, vehicles, and work place:

**This article will be updated with additional information and photos when available.**

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