Has Salisbury-Rowan Utilities Created a Smart Water Meter Consumer Nightmare for Those Who Buy and Drink Their Tap Water?

Posted on September 30, 2017

RFP Staff

♦ Salisbury City Hall is at it again. Though their “cash cow” Salisbury-Rowan Utilities (SRU), who sells their water not only to the down-in-the-heels city of Salisbury, N.C. and to Rowan’s municipalities, word is out that SRU tap water is a potential health hazard from their decaying concrete-asbestos water mains. More recently the Environmental Working Group at EWG.Org has called out SRU water for containing cancer causing contaminants such as bromodichloromethane, chloroform, hexavalent chromium, dibromochloremethane, dichhloroacetic acid, trihalomethanes, and trichholoroacetic acid.

SRU water bills are already oppressive due to Salisbury’s siphoning funds from Salisbury-Rowan Utilities to keep the Fibrant Debacle on life supports ($7.6 million for starters).  The Salisbury-Rowan Utilities failed in the proper upkeep of their water system.  Now SRU spent $7 million dollars on Smart Water Meters and have already launched them in their Rowan County municipalities and are launching them is Salisbury. Make no mistake about it: Smart Water Meters are a consumer nightmare leading to water customers suffering from 20% to 50% or higher water bills every month. If you are poor or are on a fixed income this not something you can economically survive. 25% of Salisbury’s population is poor. Has the city of Salisbury come up with yet another gentrification tool the equal of “shrinking” basic city services like they did the West End?

How to Spot an SRU Smart Water Meter (Here’s what these Consumer Nightmares Look Like):

The Smart Water Meter Ground Box Cover (The white disc on the top is a transmitter:

The Actual Smart Water Meter hooked up with inflow and outflow pipes:

Okay if you got stuck with one of these SRU Smart Water Meters do the following:

Check your last two water bills and see if you got gouged?

Check your 2 most recent bills against the bills occurring in the same months last year? Livid?

1. Come down to City Hall and speak up at public commentary about this latest Salisbury Rip Off. Don’t let them blow you off like Behmer or the city manager saying he’d like to speak with you in private. Tell him you don’t do secret.

2. Tell the folks about how you got ripped off. Name the dollar amount. Tell them you can’t afford to eat at Burger King anymore.

3. Clean out the rats nest in city hall in November. Make sure you are registered to vote.  Join up with SALISBURY OFF OUR BACKS. We have a vast array of consumer weapons at our disposal.  Legal, Economic Boycotts.  We can shut Salisbury down economically until they hurl the people who engineered this smart meter water fraud out of office.

SALISBURY OFF OUR BACKS: Resist Paying for Fibrant through Our Exorbitant Water Bills.  Resist Paying For Contaminated Tap Water::


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