Todd Paris’s Weekend Political Update – Another Humiliating Week for Mayor Alexander

Posted on September 25, 2017

Todd Paris, Salisbury Attorney and Candidate for Salisbury City Council

♦ On Saturday the 23rd La Fiesta Rowan took place on Fisher Street. Salisbury-Rowan Utilities (SRU) arrived with a bizarre costume figure called “Grease” styled after a 50’s “ducktail loaded with grease” (like the Fonz on Happy Days) whose mission evidently was to remind folks not to pour kitchen oil and grease down the sink. It really does create havoc in sewers. One local jokester quipped that the unfortunate SRU employee was forced to wear that costume in that heat because he committed an unpardonable act such a “Liking one of Todd Paris’ Facebook posts.”

Salisbury-Rowan Utilities “Grease”:

The Mayor did arrive to give a speech at least partially in Spanish to empty rows of folding chairs.  A few city employees were on hand off camera to applaud just a little. Perhaps the reputation of “the old lady with the hammer proceeded her.” Then again some of the folks may be from Latin-American where they may have had enough of dictators and a lack of free speech.

Sunday brought a political cartoon in local print media lampooning the Mayor Alexander and Mayor Pro Tem Blackwell for silencing City Council Member David Post at the last City Council meeting.

All in all, it was not a good week for our “beloved” mayor. Folks from all over the city are realizing that she is not the sort of mayor or council member we need for the city Salisbury has become. We need the asbestos and chromium 6 out of our drinking water, an actual reduction in violent crime, a solution to the 3 million dollars per year Fibrant losses drained from our general fund and an actual solution to Brian Miller’s failed Empire Hotel project that’s lapped up around $90K per year or $1 Million in tax dollars the past 10 years.

RFP Video: Mayor Karen Alexander Delivers a Strange Speech in Pidgeon Spanish to Empty Seats at Fiesta de Rowan:

**In an earlier version of this article it appeared to me from the group swear-in photo that Mayor Alexander did not make the cut on the board of the League of Municipalities. Late yesterday I found out that she did. Someone pointed out that was her with a new spiffy hairstyle on the far right. Now her hair won’t be fly-away when she starts banging that gavel.**

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