Carolyn Logan: “I’m Reminding Mayor Alexander to Take an Independently Conducted Polygraph Test to See Who is Telling the Truth”

Posted on September 11, 2017

Carolyn Logan, Banished from City Council Public Commenting for Truth Telling

♦ I want to remind Mayor Karen Alexander that I challenged her for both of us to take an independently conducted polygraph test to see who is truly lying.  Once and for all time the people of Salisbury, North Carolina will see who is telling the truth and who speaks with a corrupted tongue.  The 9 page documented evidence sent out by City Hall to Attorney Todd Paris shows I was clearly telling the truth.

So, Mayor Alexander take up my challenge and if you don’t, the entire city will know what you are all about.  Confessing the truth is liberating and soul cleansing.  We all saw you at the last city council with your gaveling and shushing to shut down the truth.


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