The All Important Letter Grades for Schools in the City of Salisbury, N.C. for 2016-2017. The Four Salisbury Schools Achieve 3 Ds and an F

Posted on September 8, 2017

RFP Staff

♦ We were extremely disappointed to learn on Thursday September 7th that the all important letter grades assigned for 2016-2017 to the four schools within Salisbury’s City limits (Knox Middle School, Salisbury High School, Isenburg Elementary, and Overton Elementary) showed no improvement. From 4 Ds in 2015-2016 on N.C. Department of Public Instruction’s Report Card, the Salisbury schools slumped to 3 Ds and F in the 2016-2017.

Why are these letter grades all important? These letter grades are examined by parents concerned with their youngster’s education. For example parents who might consider having their children attending or even leaving a school.  These letter grades inform potential businesses who might want to locate to a city if that city’s schools are either excellent, so so, or substandard.  Real estate relocation specialists will go to these school letter grades to judge the merits or demerits of the local schools and see what they have to offer.  Ds and Fs frankly are powerful turnoffs just like dreadful uniform FBI crime statistics for violent and property crime, household income, vacant houses and buildings, high taxes, poverty, and so forth. Badly performing schools can kill economic development in an area.  Websites, that rate cities, go by these all important letter grades.  Ds and Fs on school report cards can lower a city’s ratings.

While its nice to see positive growth scores in schools, they are meaningless to concerned parents, potential businesses looking to relocate, real estate relocation specialists, and websites that rate cities.

Disappointingly factors like crime within the schools, drug abuse, and bad behavior are not factored into the letter grade. The letter grade is all important.  No amount of shrill administrative voices attempting to save their jobs will convince most discerning individuals that letter grades are unimportant.

The 2016-2017 Letter Grades for Salisbury’s Schools:

Salisbury High School D
Knox Middle School F
Isenburg Elementary D
Overton Elementary D

A: 85-100 points
B: 70-84 points
C: 55-69 points
D: 40-54 points
F: Less than 40 points

2016-17 Rowan-Salisbury School District’s School Performance Grade, School Performance Score, and Growth Status:

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