Letter-to-the-Editor: The Safety of Our Citizens in Salisbury-Rowan County

Posted on September 6, 2017

Michael Julian, Salisbury, N.C.

♦ Monday August 21st I had the opportunity to speak at the County Commissioner’s meeting. I spoke to the Board about the current situation regarding the safety of our citizens of Rowan County. Our county is at a pivotal point in the coming year. If we do not get off the pot and start doing something about the crime in Salisbury/Rowan County or we will not have a county to call home.

Everyday there are home invasions, muggings, shootings, drug overdoses in our area. We have become the ninth most dangerous city in the state of North Carolina. People we have got to quite talking and start doing and we have to do it quickly. People state, and myself included, that we need business and industry to bring jobs to our area and that will decrease the crime in our hometown. Well, we can build big beautiful welcome signs at the county line, that make people think we are special, We can run water all over the county and build all the infrastructure needed to bring the industry here, but if the people looking to locate here see our crime statistics and look into what has been going on, they will not come.

AS I stated earlier we are at a pivotal point in our area and we have got to elect leaders that are willing to make the hard decisions that will be needed to move this city/county forward. We have got to move the people that are our current leadership out of the way because they have had enough time to get things moving and I don’t see anyone moving forward except some off those leaders. People it’s time for a change and only you can have the power to put the leaders in office that will make those changes.

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