Carolyn Logan Challenges Mayor Alexander to Take an Independently Conducted Polygraph Test Along with Her to See Who is Truth Telling

Posted on September 6, 2017

Carolyn Logan, Banished from City Council Public Commenting for Truth Telling

First off I want to continue my challenge to Mayor Karen Alexander for both of us to take an independently conducted polygraph test to see who is truly lying.  Once and for all time the people of Salisbury, North Carolina will see who is telling the truth and who speaks with a corrupted tongue.  The 9 page documented evidence sent out by City Hall to Attorney Todd Paris shows I was clearly telling the truth. So Mayor Alexander take up my challenge and if you don’t, the entire city will know what you are all about.  Confessing the truth is liberating and soul cleansing.  We all saw you at the last city council. It made most shudder.

The recent events that took place at Salisbury City Council meetings have caused many to question the leadership and the abilities of Mayor Karen Alexander. The Mayor has proven numerous times that she cannot take constructive criticism and no one is allowed to say anything that does not stroke her swollen ego. At the council meeting on August 15th I was gaveled, deemed out of order, called a liar, shushed and escorted out by the police. I was out of order in less than 25 seconds because the Mayor and her handlers pre-decided they would not let me speak and I would be shut down before I said anything further about the money the Mayor received from the Fibrant Hub which went $190,000 over the budget.

However, giving the Mayor the benefit of doubt, many came to council meeting last night with the expectations of hearing the Mayor apologize, hearing her admit she lost it and was out of line for shushing a grown woman, hearing her admit that she herself was wrong for having someone escorted from council meeting whom had used no profanity and posed no threat, hearing her admit that although she may not like what is said in public comment it in no way justifies her being disrespectful and violating someone’s constitutional right to freedom of speech.

What the citizens received instead was a Mayor whom portrayed herself as an innocent victim, slowly reading what is expected during public comments as if she were a teacher reading to children in preschool. She apologized for being too lenient on public speakers as if to say she should have chastised the field workers before they came in from the field. The Mayor spoke as if she was the Massa on a plantation speaking to the field workers. Her arrogance showed as she defended her actions by blaming the workers for making her use the whip. It could easily have been compared to a man who beats a woman and then looks at her and says “Look what you made me do.” 

It was obvious to those whom attended the meeting that the Mayor’s handlers had a final say prior to the meeting. She knew not to apologize or admit to any wrong doing. It seems that the Mayor has allowed others to lead her on a dark soulless path. Where have you seen in any other council meeting where someone hands the Mayor the gavel to gavel a citizen? Where have you seen in any other council meeting where another member calls a citizen out of order and then the Mayor echoes “out of order?”

Councilman Hardin wisely pointed out that during the reading of rules for public comment nothing was mentioned about the conduct of the council members. Are they exempt from being respectful? Are they not held to a the laws and rules of our state and the United States Constitution? Is it ok for the Mayor to call a person a liar when they are telling evidence-based truth? Councilman Hardin has fought a hard battle as a council member. He has had to give up the right when he knew it was wrong because he stood alone in ensuring the citizens had a voice. He was the lone ranger against any changes to public comment in an attempt to silence the citizens. He has stressed transparency when others seemed to have hidden agendas. It may explain why he has not been informed of several “secret” meetings.

The actions of the Mayor Tuesday night were a clear indication that she cares nothing about the citizens or about healing a city that is worn and torn from the seams because of a lack of transparency, racial disparities and incompetent leadership. It’s time for a change. I encourage all citizens to get out and vote.

Mayor Alexander sent an unintentionally clear message to citizens to get out and vote. It’s time to answer. Rock the vote for Kenny and Todd!

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