Salisbury: City Hall’s Credibility Collapses with the Latest Revelation: Interim Fibrant Honcho Admits Fibrant Does NOT Provide 10 Gigs

Posted on August 25, 2017

RFP Staff

♦  City Hall’s credibility sank to an all time low this past Monday, August 21st at City Hall’s Candidate’s Forum when City Council Candidate Todd Paris questioned the interim Fibrant Honcho about Fibrant’s alleged 10 Gig capability.  Todd asked the interim Fibrant head how many 10 Gig subscriptions Fibrant sold to date.  The answer came back none.  Then Todd asked another important question:  Was Fibrant currently ready to provide 10 Gig services?  The answer came back no, it would require expensive upgrades to the system.

Sometimes within the next day or so Todd will release a Todd TV on this latest incredible Fibrant ruse, likely eclipsing the ugly fabrication “that Fibant turned the corner and was making a small profit.”

Who can forget City Hall trumpeting they were the first 10 Gig City (When Minneapolis, Santa Monica were clearly the first and Salisbury never had 10 Gigs).  Who can erase the vivid images of Mayor Woodson, Governor McCrory, Catawba’s President Lewis, and Susan Kluttz saying it was grand and glorious day!  Salisbury will be the Silicon Valley of South.  Businesses and industry will beat a path to Salisbury…But there was never 10 Gigs.  Only another desperate City Hall ruse calculated to put incumbents back in office.

The Rowan Free Press called this charade a ruse.  (See the urls at the end of this article)

Fibrant loses over $3,000,000 per year and has shrunk important city services like the Police Department, trash pickup, the streets department and so forth.  The city has become a violent cesspool that people rightfully fear.  People are moving away.

City Hall’s nose grows longer by the day.  Who can forget the Mayor Alexander, Councilman Brian Mayor, and Maggie Blackwell gaveling away Carolyn Logan’s first amendment rights and calling her a liar over a 9 page document that city hall provided.  State Statutes were broken.  This is the kind of stuff you might expect from Bell, California or Al Capone’s Cicero, Illinois.

City Hall tells us our Downtown is vibrant while up and down North Main St. and the South Main Badlands is a pox of vacant storefronts and people are murdered Downtown, strong armed, shot,  and mugged. Most days few human life forms can be seen skulking about the streets. At noon time more panhandlers can be counted than shoppers. Parking? We won’t go there.

Ahh the Magic Math that goes on in the City of Make Believe.  Ahh the rumor control page that defends the city’s many challenges with reality.  Or the claim that none of the violence was gang related.

From the September 7th, 2015 RFP article: Salisbury, N.C.’s Latest Publicity Ruse Becoming America’s 10 Gig City When Fibrant is a Minus $12.6 Million Super Fiasco:

Expert: Salisbury, N.C.’s Investment in 10 Gig Broadband Silly:

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