Former Rowan County Commissioner Jon Barber Passed Away Friday

Posted on August 12, 2017

Todd Paris, Salisbury Attorney and Candidate for Salisbury City Council

♦ I was saddened to learn Former Rowan County Commissioner Jon Barber passed away yesterday.  He was my friend.  Jon was a farmer, who raised cattle and produce in West Rowan, was first elected to the Rowan County Commission in 2006.  He ended his service to the commission in 2014 after deciding he would not file for reelection.

Jon was an early proponent of the Rowan County prayer lawsuit and  once said, “I will always pray in the name of Jesus…God will lead me through this persecution and I will be His instrument.”

A man of strong faith, he was well known for his many efforts, through his non-profit, “Farm Fresh”, to bring fresh produce into municipal “food deserts” for free or reduced prices. He did this to assist locals in impoverished city areas and to bring wholesome foods to the families and children there.

Jon cared about all his constituents, even those who would not likely vote for him or his Republican party in the next election. Jon once told me when you are elected you become a representative of all the citizens, even those from different parties and those not likely to vote for you. That’s an idea often missing among some of today’s elected leaders.

He was a great inspiration to me as I started my early political activities and was well known for standing up to the majority on his county commission when he thought they were wrong. In many respects, he was the brave forerunner of those strong voices like Craig Pierce and Kenny Hardin who dissent when dissent is needed.

Rest in Heavenly Peace John.

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